Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro2 + Gift

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Sleek and elegant, portable and safe Minimalist design, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for the main body. Takes only 3 seconds to fold and go. 14.2 kg.
Sophisticated cruise control and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) The KERS recovers a moving vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking for longer duration.
The cruise control system helps maintain a steady speed set by the driver to relieve drivers from constant pressure and tension.
High quality batteries guarantee a riding distance up to 45km Forty 18650 li-ion cells offer altogether a high capacity of 474Wh. Smart battery management system (BMS).
Dual braking system Outfitted with regenerative and disc braking at rear wheel, E-ABS system at front wheel.
Skid-resistant and shock-absorbing pneumatic tires 8.5 inch pneumatic tires effectively absorb shocks and prevent slipping.
The 300W brushless DC motor powers the scooter to ride with ease and comfort.
Connects to Mi Home App Check the riding speed and remaining power in real time after pairing your scooter through Bluetooth with your phone.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Lite + Gift



  • Mi Electric Scooter Essential is designed for people who want to keep it light and easy. It uses a low-density, high-strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy, so that the net weight of the vehicle is only 12kg, making it easy to carry.
  • Mi Electric Scooter Essential features a minimalist design. Riding it will make you feel alive and make passersby envious.

Brake once, activate two brakes

  • An E-ABS anti-lock brake system for the front wheel and a large disc brake for the rear wheel. Both are activated at the same time, shortening the braking distance, making driving safer

Brake once, activate two brakes


New generation 8.5″ pneumatic tires


Large taillight


Upgraded headlight No dazzle, more comfortable lighting


Important information

Safety Information

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S + Gifts


High safety lithium battery 30km long range* 25km/h max. speed

The high safety 18650 power lithium battery power with large power supply offers a safe durable performance. A full charge can take you 30 Kilometers.

High safety lithium battery 30km long range* 25km/h max. speed

Three speed modes, easy switch

Three speed modes, easy switch

When commuting to work, press S to go faster. When cruising around the park, press D, and in crowded areas, you can turn on the pedestrian mode to go slower. Simply double press the power button to switch between modes and easily adjust the speed to your surroundings.

New generation energy recovery system

Convert kinetic energy into electrical energy for longer batter life. The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) has been full upgraded, and the energy conversion efficiency has been further improved.

New generation energy recovery system

Central controls designed for a better riding experience

Central controls designed for a better riding experience

Multifunctional dashboard offers real-time display of 8 kinds of data. One button multiple function offers intuitive controls, and multiple functions. Sensitive hand throttle provides moderate resistance and timely feedback. Comfortable TPR grip provides a more comfortable grip.

Fold it up in 3 seconds

It only takes 3 seconds to fold the scooter together. At a folded height of just 49cm, the vehicle is compact and takes up less space, making it easy to fit in the trunk.

Fold it up in 3 seconds

Xiaomi WalkingPad _WPA1F PRO _Treadmill A1Pro Brushless Electric Foldable Machine Black

Balance Work and Fitness:

No more excuse for not having time or space to do sports. WalkingPad A1 Pro standing desk treadmill provides you with a great way to increase activity and avoid pain from sitting while you work. Taking up little storage space(less than 0.5㎡), this standing desk treadmill can be easily set up in the office and folded under the desks. Relaxing by walking while doing some simple tasks on hand can increase your productivity and efficiency and save you from unhealthy sedentary work.

Double Sports Modes:

It doesn’t take much getting used to the walking treadmill.WalkingPad A1 Pro is equipped with two sports modes. With “M” mode, users can manually operate the walking treadmill with a tiny remoter, switching modes from acceleration, deceleration, time, walking speed and calories burned, which will ensure your safety in case of any potential accident.

It is recommended for beginners to use “M” mode and get used to this desk exercise equipment. With “A” mode, users are free from controlling the walking treadmill and can walk with speed automatically adjusted. This mode is suitable for experienced walkers.

Operate Silently:

This standing desk treadmill operates silently so that you can work efficiently without any hindrance. Some people may fear the idea of turning the office into a mini gym. However, don’t be afraid of annoying your coworkers by the WalkingPad because this problem is optimized by the de-noising technology. You can rest assured that walking while working will not bother your colleagues in the office._

Xiaomi king smith walking padR1 Pro -TRR1F PRO

Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S

Provides even illumination over a wide areaAt up to 520 lm, the light flux of the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S is 73% higher than the first-generation lamp, considering the same lamp dimensions. Central illuminance increased to 1250 lux, 66% higher than the first-generation lamp

Ultra-high Ra 90 color rendering index exceeds previous generationHigh-quality light can bring more vivid color to your world. The color rendering index of the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S is as high as Ra 90, which is higher than the first-generation lamp and meets the standard used in medical settings.Natural light color rendering index – Ra 100Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S color rendering index – Ra 90Mi LED Desk Lamp First Generation color rendering index – Ra 83

4 lighting modesFour lighting modes are available to meet lighting requirements for different settings. Each mode provides eye protection while also fulfilling basic lighting needs. In Focus Mode, the desk lamp simulates a “breathing” rhythm to remind the user to rest, improving productivity and avoiding eye strain.
Supports voice control using Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri [2] Built-in dial knob to adjust brightness and color temperatureThe Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S connects to the Apple HomeKit system and supports Siri voice control. The light color temperature and brightness can also be adjusted using the built-in dial knob.
PressSwitches TurnPress and turnDouble press

Ringke Xiaomi K20/K20Pro(Mi9T/Mi9TPro) FUSION X BLACK

Ringke Xiaomi K20/K20Pro(Mi9T/Mi9TPro) FUSION X SPACE BLUE

Ringke Xiaomi K20/K20Pro(Mi9T/Mi9TPro) FUSION X DESIGN CAMO BLACK

Ringke Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro / Redmi K30 Pro FUSION X SPACE BLUE