Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair – Neon Blue


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  • Two Joy-Con can be Used Independently in Each Hand or Together as one Game Controller when Attached to the Joy-Con Grip
  • They can also Attach to the Main Console for Use in Handheld Mode, or be Shared with Friends to Enjoy Two-Player Action in Supported Games
  • Each Joy-Con has a Full Set of Buttons and can Act as a Standalone Controller, and each Includes an Accelerometer and Gyroscope Motion Sensor, Making Independent Left and Right Motion Control Possible
  • The HD Rumble Function Included in the Joy-Con Creates an Immersive Gameplay Experience that isn’t Possible with Images and Sounds Alone
  • With HD Rumble, when you Move and Tilt the Joy-Con You can Feel the Ice Cubes Clanking Around
  • The IR Motion Camera in Joy-Con (R) can Detect the Shape, Movement and Distance of Objects Captured by the Camera
  • You can also Use Amiibo on Your Nintendo Switch by Tapping them to the NFC Touchpoint on the Right Joy-Con Controller, or the NFC Touchpoint on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Joy-Con Controllers can Last for up to 20 hrs on a Single Charge. Re-Connect the Joy-Con Controllers to the Console in Order to Recharge Them, or You can also Charge them by Connecting to the Nintendo Switch Charging Grip


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1 year manufacturer warranty


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