LG Xboom All in One Mini Audio Bluetooth Hi-Fi System


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All in One Vertical Standing Design

Music, when done right makes the party. 1000 Watts of pulsing beat and the flashing lights accelerates it. It’s time to let your parties take flight with Mini Audio. You can easily take to any location for an instant easy to set up party.

Party Function

Wireless Party Link

Double the party for even more fun. Connect 2 systems together wirelessly to enjoy twice the power from twice the speakers.

Party Function

Party Thruster

Push the Thruster forward to create a sound that builds. Make the party erupt with a boom of sound and wild dance lighting.

DJ Function

DJ Effects

Add Scratching, Flanger, Phaser, Wah, Delay and prerecorded special effects to your favorite tracks at the levels you desire.

DJ Function

 Auto DJ

You can put your party on Auto DJ and let the system take over while you enjoy yourself.

DJ Function

DJ Sharing

Capture and share your party. You can easily record or send the Audio via Bluetooth to a smartphone for enjoying again.

Karaoke Function

Karaoke Star

Turn almost any track into a Karaoke track by removing the vocals at the push of a button. You can even change the song’s key to match your own.


LG Bluetooth App

Take control of the party remotely from your mobile devices.
Pick the tracks and add effects all while you are on the dance floor.


Multi Jukebox

Connect up to 3 mobile devices on Bluetooth to create, manage, and add to your playlist. Let your friends contribute to the fun.


TV Sound Sync

Connect your compatible LG TV to the system without ugly wires.


Auto Music Play

A system is smart that knows when you enter the room, It can sense your mobile devices and let you send audio directly to your sestem with ease.


Bluetooth Stand-by

The party starts the moment you send music to it. The system sleeps but when music is sent via Bluetooth the unit wakes and plays.


Dual USB

Dual USB allows for un-ending music and recording capabilities.

Brand LG
Model No. OM7560
Display - Demo / Dimmer Yes
Function Selector Tuner
Portable In
Features Wireless Party Link
Party Thruster
Sampler Creator
DJ Effects
Auto DJ
Multi Juke box
DJ Pro (DJ pad)
Childsafe Mode
Convenience Random Play
USB Direct Recording
Dual USB (USB1 to USB2 Recording)
Bluetooth Remote App
LED Speaker Lighting
LED Set Lighting
MP3 / WMA ID3 Tag Display
File / Folder Search with Music Playing
File Delete
Bluetooth Auto Function Change
TV Sound Sync.
Bluetooth Power on (Stand by)
DJ Sharing
Bluetooth Multi Paring
Auto Music Play (Move & Play)
Wireless X-Boom Plus
Karaoke Voice Canceller
Key Changer
Mute Yes
Power Output 1000W

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