LG LOUDR Xboom Portable Bluetooth Hi-Fi System

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Grab & Go

Take your show on the road. The LG LOUDR FH2 has a telescoping handle and wheels, simply grab the handle and pull your music everywhere.

Built-In Battery

From the start of the party to last call, have the entertainment system you need for the music you desire. The built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 15 hours of audio playback.

Karaoke Creator

Suppress the vocal frequencies of a song, to turn any track into a Karaoke track. Then change the key of the vocals to better suit the range of the singer, to help anyone sound like a star. (Microphone not included)

Bluetooth Connectivity

Wirelessly stream music directly from your Smartphone or other compatible device for a seamless listening experience.

Shared Jukebox

Up to three different people can connect via Bluetooth and build a playlist on the fly, without ever interrupting the party. Pick any available song, then just add it to the list.

USB Playback

Enjoy music and playlists straight from a USB storage device.

Brand LG
Model No. FH2
Display Type LED
Function Selector Tuner
Portable In
Interface Audio in - USB 1 (Charge & Play) / Portable in
Radio Antenna - FM
Karaoke Function - Mic Volume (on Main Set) / Mic Jack
Features Telescoping Handle and Wheels
Karaoke Creator
Built-in Battery (15 Hours Playback)
Bluetooth Multi Pairing
Karaoke Voice Canceller
Key Changer
Mute Yes
Power Output 50W

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