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“Glowstone have created a mug that delivers a scientifically perfect cup of tea, time and time again.”


Automatically keeps your drink hot to the last drop.

Your hot drink deserves a mug that automatically delivers and maintains perfect drinking temperature and perfect taste. Handcrafted in England from fine bone China, The Glowstone smart mug automatically keeps your beverage at the perfect drinking temperature of 60°C to 65°C. Extend your drinking experience, stir the senses, immerse yourself in the perfect drinking experience.

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Fine bone china improves taste.

In 1799, Josiah Spode II invented bone china. He discovered that by mixing bone ashes with clay. It could be fired at a lower temperature than porcelain but maintain its durability and delicate look. The end result is a brilliant white, translucent, delicate but extremely strong piece of ceramic.

We believe fine bone china shouldn’t just be for special occasions. The thinness of bone china lets your drink cool down to the perfect temperature quicker, and the glass glazing process enhances the delicate flavours and aromas of your hot drink.

It would have been easy for us to use stainless steel or plastic as most vacuum flasks do but this taints the flavour, and we never compromise on taste.

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Scientifically engineered to the last drop.

There’s real science to creating a mug that delivers perfect tea and coffee, and we’ve spent two years developing the perfect solution.

Research proves tea and coffee taste better at 60°C to 65°C, and fine bone china is proven to deliver better tasting tea and coffee. Glowstone’s smart mug effortlessly delivers the optimum drinking temperature, optimum taste, and optimum delivery for your tea and coffee right down to the last sip.

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