Energea Magdisc Dock 2 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock

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  • Powerful magnets and MagSafe technology:This charger is compatible with all iPhone 12 series (including iPhone 12, mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max) and uses the same technology as branded accessories from MagSafe. Powerful built-in magnets securely hold the phone on the charging pad, preventing it from falling. This provides an accurate location for optimal energy transfer and safe use. And these magnets are so strong that when you remove the phone, it is better to hold the MagDisc dock with your hand.
  • Parallel charging: Due to the total output power of 15 watts MagDisc Dock guarantees not only convenient but also fast charging of your gadgets. The device supports high-speed wireless charging for iPhone 12 series and has a special charging pad for Airpods 2 / Pro / TWS. Therefore, it can power two devices at once.
  • Always a comfortable position: Charge your smartphone and keep watching videos or chatting. This docking station allows you to place your phone in any orientation convenient for you – horizontal or vertical. And also allows you to tilt the charging platform within 45 °, so you can change the angle at your discretion.
  • Reliable fixation: MagDisc Dock has a wide base with a special anti-slip pad that holds it firmly in place. This guarantees the stability of the device on any flat surface and a secure fixation in place.
  • Stylish accessory: The minimalist black case of Energea MagDisc Dock is elegant and fully corresponds to the chic design of the new iPhone. This will make the charger a great addition to your favorite gadgets and will look good in any setting.

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