DICOTA Perfect Skin Bag 13-13.3


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  • Robust, especially elastic neoprene
  • Adapts perfectly like a second skin to the notebook
  • Guarantees optimal protections from scratches and small damages
  • Zipper equipped with additional padding to protect from scratches
  • Lightweight design


Eligible for same day delivery


1 year manufacturer warranty


For anybody who wants to transport their device in a light-weight and flexible fashion.

Perfect Skin is made of elastic synthetic neoprene and perfectly adapts to the form of your notebook like a second skin. The best guaranty against surface scratches and other dents and damages. Another advantage: The zipper is fitted with an extra surface on the inside in order to avoid scratches on the notebook.
Item number D31186
Color black
Material Synthetic Neoprene
Max. Device Measurements (mm) 330 x 30 x 230 mm
12.99 x 1.18 x 9.06 inch
Product Measurements (mm) 350 x 25 x 245 mm
13.78 x 0.98 x 9.65 inch
Weight 0.17 kg / 0.37 lbs

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