BEC Washer Twin Tub 13 KG, White

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Brand: BEC
Model: B9WTT13KW
Color: White
Capacity: 13 kg
3 programs
1 water inlet with Shift switch
Anti-bacterial plastic body


Eligible for same day delivery


1 year manufacturer warranty


Washing becomes easy with BEC’s new washer. With its large capacity, clothes tend to wash from each side, hence giving a fresh & clean look.
Model No. B9WTT13KW
Rated wash/spin capacity 13.0/7.0kg
Rated wash/spin power 400/180W
Working voltage 220V,50Hz
Net weight/Gross weight 24/26.8kg
Product size 855*505*1020mm
Packing size 915*545*1050mm
Certificate CB
Loading capacity 118pcs/40'HQ
MOQ 1*40HQ

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